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"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought." Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

VIL prides itself on it’s commitment to constant Research and Development projects within it’s office and laboratory base here in Rugby.

This includes research into both VI technology and performance as well as the switching function itself, along with new manufacturing and test technologies essential for VI manufacture.

VIL then applies it’s knowledge in these areas to the development of new designs of VI, new improved manufacturing processes and in the design and supply of state of the art Special Electrical Processing, Inspection and Test (EPIT) equipment, essential to the VI Manufacturing process and the attainment of the highest quality products and procedures.

In late 2010 as part of it’s long term R&D Strategy, VIL expanded it’s premises to include a new laboratory with enhanced facilities.

Investigation into magnetron discharge in vacuum

VIL has performed a long time into the physics of magnetron discharge in vacuum in order to better understand this critical technique for measuring the vacuum and warrantee the service life of sealed vacuum interrupters (VI). As part of this study we are also investigating the long term ageing effect on the vacuum levels of very old VI. Over the past 7 years, VIL has published a number of technical papers at international technical conferences around the world. All of the papers can be found on this website in the library.

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ElectroMagnetic control of the vacuum arc

VIL has worked several years investigating the arc control for vacuum interrupter using FEA technique and our in house short circuit testing.

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Component cleaning

Parts cleaning are essential to the VI manufacture processes. VIL has number of years of experience in cleaning the VI components using various cleaning processes.

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Robotic manufacture of Vacuum Interrupters

Over the past few years, VIL has researched the use of robots in all aspect of manufacture of vacuum interrupters including robotic assembly and the fully automated factory. 

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Design and manufacture of very high voltage vacuum interrupters

VIL has worked on a  very high voltage Vacuum interrupter for a 245kV vacuum circuit breaker. With two vacuum interrupters in series. The VCB uses a single permanent magnetic actuator with a toggle mechanism to provide the opening and closing forces required and the synchronization of the two vacuum interrupters

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