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VIL offers a range of services for Vacuum Interrupter Manufacturers, Switchgear Manufacturers and Switchgear Owners and Operators. Along with our Training and General Consultancy Services this enables us to provide a comprehensive solution to any of your Vacuum Technology requirements.

Take a more in depth look at our range of services below:

Vacuum Interrupter Design

VIL team members have been at the forefront of vacuum interrupter (VI) design for over 30 years, and VIL has full design capability for  VI at all ratings typically ranging from 1kV to 245kV and interruption levels up to 63kA, according to company requirements or international standards such as IEC, GB, and ANSI. Vacuum interrupters can be designed as drop in replacements for existing VI or designed to fit existing circuit breakers or optimally new VI can be designed for any rating together with new circuit breakers.

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Process and Factory Design

VIL performs it’s own research into vacuum interrupter technology and manufacturing processes in order both to optimise the processes and meet ever changing requirements for environmental and safety issues. The VIL manufacturing system has been developed over many years and can be adapted to meet the requirements of micro factories (5000 VI per year or less) up to mega factories (250,000 VI per year or more). The factories are individually designed around the customers requirements and in particular the level of automation can range from a fully manually operated factory up to total automation where there are no direct human workers.

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Forensic Investigation Services

Vacuum interrupters are extremely reliable in service, but as they are applied in very large numbers over very many years, occasionally failure may occur. VIL has extensive experience in investigating problems with vacuum circuit breakers, ranging from loss of vacuum for the vacuum interrupter (VI) up to catastrophic failure of the circuit breaker.

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Bench Marking of Customer VI design & factory processes

Using it’s unrivalled experience in the design of VI and manufacturing processes VIL offers existing manufacturers of VI a service to evaluate their existing VI designs together with their manufacturing system and to recommend changes to bring the design and factory into line with industrial best practice.

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Bespoke Training Services

VIL provides bespoke technical training for all types of client ranging from existing courses on Switching and Circuit Breaker Theory, to custom courses designed to the client’s requirements. We provide training either at VIL’s office and Laboratory facilities in Rugby (UK) or on the clients own site and premises.

Typical training includes:

  • Basic Switching Theory
  • Vacuum Interrupter Design
  • Vacuum Interrupter Manufacturing Principles
  • Vacuum Interrupter Design and Development Techniques
  • VI Manufacture Process Review and Improvement
  • Planning and Management of Design and Development Projects
  • Project Management and Execution

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Revalidation Services

The most common fault in vacuum interrupters is degradation of vacuum. VIL’s Revalidation Service enables us to test and inspect VI using original test data, detect vacuum levels whilst still sealed and thus re-certify old interrupters for a further period of service

VIL offers a service to it’s clients to revalidate old vacuum interrupters (VI). Revalidation is necessary when VI have been in service for their design life which is normally around 20 years. Due to the excellent reliability of VI many devices in service are now exceeding this design life and appear to be fully functional. Revalidation is where we take older VI and establish their present condition and their suitability for use over an extended period up to a total VI life  which may be 40 years.

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Finite Element Consultancy

Vacuum Interrupters Ltd (VIL) provide electrical engineering design consultancy, working across a number of sectors including HV Power Transmissions, Subsea Oil and Gas Industrial.

VIL has a team of professionally qualified staff with significant experience in solving a wide range of electromagnetic problems using leading FEA technology.

Projects can range from small scale studies of simple components through to a whole power transformer model.

Using Finite Element Analysis helps to predict the behaviour of vacuum interrupters including Electrostatics, Magnetic and Mechanical Fatigue analysis.

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