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Finite Element Analysis and Consultancy

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas” Albert Einstein

With FEA we are able to

  • Improve the vacuum interrupter design
  • Reduce physical prototyping and testing
  • Evaluate different arc control designs
  • Evaluate different insulation designs

This enables us to advise our clients of possible ways to improve the component or provide solutions to existing problems.

Typical Case Studies on Electrostatic FEA:

  • Vacuum Interrupter Insulation Design
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker Insulation Design
  • Power Transformer Insulation Design
  • Power Transformer Bushing Insulation Design
  • Subsea three phase Cables Electrical Stress Analysis

Typical Case Studies on Magnetic FEA:

  • Vacuum Interrupter Magnetic Field Calculation
  • Power Transformer Magnetic Field Calculation
  • Current Transformer Magnetic Field Calculation
  • Inductor Magnetic Field Calculation
  • Busbar Electrical Loss Calculation
  • Linear Position Indicator

The above projects are just a sample of what we can do.

The images below show the results of recent vacuum interrupter developments:

How Can You Start?

For more information about our FEA consultancy service, simply contact us using any of the contact details on our contact page for an informal discussion of your requirements.

With some details and a CAD Model (if you have one available), we can send you a formal quotation.