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VIL - The Science of Vacuum

Vacuum Interrupters Limited (VIL) is an independent company with unrivalled experience in the design, manufacture and use of vacuum interrupters (VI). We perform basic research into all aspects of the technology underpinning VI as well as the specialised manufacturing processes. We also develop this research into world leading designs of both the product and manufacturing system.

VIL Research and Development

A state of the art laboratory with a fully working
furnace for brazing trials has enabled VIL
to produce prototype VI using the latest technological advancements…..

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VIL - experts in the design and development of Vacuum Interrupter technology

With world leading experts in VI design, our focus is to continue to develop the most advanced technology and designs in the world…

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Our Services

VIL provides a range of services to the vacuum technology industry.

Whether you are a manufacturer of vacuum interrupters, a manufacturer of vacuum switchgear or a user of vacuum switchgear, VIL can help you by improving existing designs and manufacturing processes, developing new designs and processes and evaluating the condition and potential operating life of vacuum interrupters in service.

Some of the services offered by VIL include:

Design of Vacuum interrupters

Design of Manufacture plants for VI

Revalidation of long service VI

Impartial investigation into failures

Training Courses on VI Tech.

Review of customer VI designs

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